LMNOP Archive for 2008

Best wishes for a happy, safe holiday and a wonderful new year. Hope Santa stops by your place tonight …
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Golden Books are still publishing these old-fashioned, giant size coloring books. We love that they’ve reproduced old artwork for the covers and haven’t felt the need to modernize them. Available from Amazon.
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Have you ever wondered (or had to explain) how Santa knows if you’ve been good or bad? We received the answer in the form of a sweet pixie-elf who arrived on our doorstep last week, as part of a Christmas gift package.
Mother-Daughter team, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell have produced a truly special gift in [Read More]

Do you ever find yourself writing your child’s name in dotted form, so they can trace the letters to practice writing their own name? This clever custom-made stamp from The Little Stamp Company will now do it for you. With a large dotted font, your kids can stamp their name and trace away. You get [Read More]

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