Flat-Pack Holiday House

I’ve been posting a lot recently about cookies and gingerbread! But I couldn’t resist sharing this find with you. It’s a DIY flat-pack gingerbread house kit. Bake the pieces for 5-7 minutes, let cool, then assemble with royal icing and decorate with candies. It’s a great holiday activity to do with your kids. We’ve been busy wrapping kits to give to some of our favorite families. Available at Funkis.

2 Responses to “Flat-Pack Holiday House”

  1. Maraka says:

    I know this post is from last Christmas but I love the idea and are thinking of doing the same this year. Can you please tell me where you got the gingerbread felt trimming from or did you make it?

  2. LMNOP says:

    The gingerbread felt trim was from The Martha Stewart 2008 Craft Collection.

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