Fully loaded

photographed by ian macpherson
styled by jenny lacey

X9X Sport Utility Automoblox

A perfect mix of style and utility, the 2008 Automoblox X9X defines off-road chic. Featuring running boards, front and rear skid plates, a roof rack and a spare tire, the X9X is equipped to tackle arm-chair mountains and floorboard highways.

The vechicle body is made of solid beech wood with a lacquer finish. Removable Automoblox connectors allow the wooden body parts to be exchanged using a shape and a colour system unique to each vehicle. So it’s fully interchangable with other Automoblox models. Loaded with features and a cabin capacity for 4 passengers, the X9X Sport Utility gets our vote for car of the year.

X9X Sport Utility, Automoblox, AUD$49.95, Monkey Puzzle

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  1. Virginia says:

    These cars are great!! I’ve blogged about them also. My 2.5 year old has 3 of the utilities now and the 3 mini automobloxs. They are so fabulous how you can pull them apart and interchange the pieces – great for the imagination.

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