Mealtime fallout


Text by Julie James.

One of those ideas so simple you wish you’d thought of it yourself: A giant bib made of tablecloth that creates a pocket between tots and the table, eliminating any mealtime fallout.

Bavetton is the brainchild of Belgian Mum and designer Lara Boudron and allows kids the freedom to master eating without making a mess.


With two snap-fasteners, you fold and unfold the bib as many times as you want, keeping everyone and everything clean. Simply wipe it down with a sponge and voila!

Available online in a range of colours and motifs.

One Response to “Mealtime fallout”

  1. joe says:

    cool idea, but does it come with a seatbelt?

    aka what happens when active toddler gets up or drops a spoon and bends over to grab it? seems like you would have an overall cleaner experience except once a week when baby’s entire meal hits the floor.

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