Playtime Tokyo: Exhibitor Roundup 2

LMNOP_Playtime Tokyo

Playtime Tokyo will soon present its second edition at EBISU303 in Tokyo, Japan on February 23 – 25. Exhibitors from Australia, Europe, Asia, and the U.S in all categories will be on show at Playtime’s ‘pop and playful’ trade fair event. We can hardly wait!

Here’s our final exhibitor roundup before we head to Japan on Monday:

A. Ultra comfy, colourful knitted slippers from French company Collégien
B. Yoko Kimono Doll from a fun loving French brand, Madame Mo.
C. Milk on the Rocks will serve up an eclectic mix of everyday wearables for babies and kids.
D. And one of LMNOP’s personal favourites – ITCH: fashion for fabulous tots and style conscious small fry.

LMNOP_Playtime Tokyo

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