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Kid's Republic_Shanghai

Kid's Republic4 bookstore in Shanghai. All images courtesy of SAKO Architects.

An enchanted forest is often the backdrop to many children’s story tales. Japanese born architect Keiichiro Sako recreates this popular theme in the magnificent space he created for Kid’s Republic4: a rather unique children’s picture bookstore in Shanghai.

Kid's Republic_Shanghai

Bookcases and hollowed logs house an amazing selection of picture books on the first floor. Image courtesy of SAKO Architects.

Every wood type imaginable was used to shape this reader’s haven which boasts more than 100 varieties of children’s books. No detail was spared when this concept was brought to life in 2008 by Sako and his team. Perhaps the most engaging feature would have to be the projection of leaves on the floor when you enter the store. Imagine what it would feel like to step off a bustling city sidewalk into a tranquil book lovers woodland, lit by sunshine streaming through a canopy of leaves.

Kid's Republic_Shanghai

Kids turn a 'wheel of books' at Kid's Republic in Shanghai. Image courtesy of SAKO Architects.

Kid's Republic_Shanghai

The 'forest' theme is continued in the office area. Image courtesy of SAKO Architects.

Kid's Republic_Shanghai

Left: Rough bark covers this hemispherical activity space on the second floor. Right: Story telling sessions are held inside. Images courtesy of SAKO Architects.

Kid’s Republic 4 is located at 262 Yuyuan Road, near Beijing Xi Lu, Metro Line 2, Jing’ansi Station. Kid’s Republic has another specialized bookstore in Beijing, China which is also worthy of adding to your list of ‘must-see’ places with the kids. We take you on an exclusive tour in LMNOP Magazine, Issue 11. Download it now

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    These are all so beautiful, I want to redesign my daughter’s room asap! I included a link to this post over at my own blog, Small for Big. Thanks for posting!

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