Posting Prizes

LMNOP_Me2me2 prizes

Posting out prizes today to our Make-Bake-Send competition winners.

Me2me2_Cookie Cutters

Left to right: Girls Glamour, Boys Tools, and Pet Cookie Cutters by me2me2.

All of our winners will receive one of these 3 fun cookie cutter sets by me2me2. Congratulations to our winning subscribers and a big thanks to me2me2 for providing us with such great prizes.

We’ll announce our Renee & Jeremy CD giveaway winners next week.

2 Responses to “Posting Prizes”

  1. sabrina says:

    dear lmnop,
    Where did you get those cool pencils with your logo in this photo? i love the white wood with the red lettering.

    I’d like to get some but with orange letters. Thank you!

  2. LMNOP says:

    We’ll did up the details! Back soon…

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