Potato Print Monster Tees: How-to

Get set for Halloween with the humble spud. Potatoes make a great,
easy-to-use printing block. Just pick your potato, create your design
and carve out your stamp.

photographed by ian macpherson
created by robin rosenthal

Basic How-to:

STEP 1. Cut a thick slice length-wise from the middle of potato. (Diagram 1.) This step is best done by Mom or Dad. Place the slice on cutting board and press the cookie cutter through slice. (Diagram 2.) Dry off cut surface of potato with paper towel. Now you’re ready to paint your T-shirt.

STEP 2. Place a piece of cardboard inside t-shirt. Paint the cut surface of potato. Press the painted surface of potato down onto fabric (make sure to press down evenly on all parts of potato). Carefully lift the potato straight up off the fabric. Follow directions on fabric paint package for heat-setting paint.

Potato stamps can be used again and again. Just re-apply paint before reusing it. If you are changing paint colours, wash and dry the potato stamp first. Experiment with different shapes for teeth, noses, eyes, and body parts. (Diagram 3.) Does your monster have three eyes and eight legs? Is he happy, sad, or mad? Does he like to wear hats?

Save your potato stamps in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Monster Faces How-to:

STEP 1. Choose a large potato for mouth. Cut potato in half.
STEP 2. Lay potato cut-side-down on cutting board. Cut out triangles or rectangles around outside of potato to create teeth.
STEP 3. Cut small potatoes in half or use circle cookie cutters in various sizes to create eyes. You can cut one end off the circle slice to create scary eyes.

One-Eyed Monster How-to:

STEP 1. Pick a large potato with a shape that you like for the body of monster.
STEP 2. Cut a thick slice length-wise from middle of potato.
STEP 3. Use a large circle cookie cutter to cut a mouth out of the slice.
STEP 4. Use a small circle cookie cutter to cut out eye.
STEP 5. Cut off the tip of small potato to use for center of eye.
STEP 6. Using another potato slice, cut out a small rectangle for the teeth and a long thin rectangle for the legs.

Skeleton Friends How-to:

STEP 1. Choose a potato the size you want your skeleton head to be and cut out a thick slice from the centre. Cut out two circles for eyes and a triangle for nose.
STEP 2. Cut out another slice of potato for the chin. Cut slice in half. Cut teeth out along straight edge of slice. (Mom or Dad may need to help cut out the teeth with a knife.)
STEP 3. To create body, cut three rectangle shapes from potato: a long, thick rectangle for ribs and spine, a short thick rectangle for bottom ribs and pelvis, and a long thin rectangle for arms and legs.


Credits: Monster designs and illustrations by Robin Rosenthal;
produced by lmnop productions

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