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Pencil Case_Stuck On You

1. Personalised Pencil Cases. Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

Of all the milestones in your child’s life, their first day at school is one of the biggies. And your cool isn’t the only thing you’re likely to lose if you’re not prepared. That’s why Stuck on You is such a godsend. Their cheerful label designs and personalised bits and bobs make it easy to marshal the bewildering array of stuff kids need for class. The labels stay stuck through dishwashers, microwaves and washing machines – everything you and yours can throw at them.

Here are our picks:

1. Available in red, blue or pink, these personalised pencil cases can be made even more individual with graphic badges and fun charms.

Homework Pencils_Drink Bottle

2. Homework Pencils. 3. Drink Bottles. Photos: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

2. Now there are no excuses for not tackling homework thanks to this pencil box with 24 personalised pencils, a sharpener and an eraser.

3. Whether they’re into owls, dinosaurs or baboushka dolls, you’ll have no trouble finding a personalised drink bottle design that pushes their buttons. Made from high quality stainless steel and BPA-free.

Labels_Stuck On You

4. Basic Labels. Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

4. Stylish and simple – these practical labels come in nine different colours and can be used on anything from lunchboxes to schoolbooks.

Shoe Labels_Stuck On You

5. Vinyl Shoe Labels. Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

5. Any kindergarten teacher will tell you that labelling shoes for youngsters is a smart idea. Each of these vinyl shoe labels comes with a clear protective label.

Markers_Stuck On You

6. Personalised Marker Set. Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

6. Avert a technicolour tantrum – pop a Colouring Kit in their schoolbag. Each of the 12 coloured pencils and 12 markers is individually labeled with their name, so there’ll be no unfortunate mix-ups.

Library Bag_Stuck On You

7. Library Bag. Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

7. Teach them to love literature. Equip them with their very own personalised drawstring bag for library books. Then hide the remote.

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