Friday’s Find: Pencils to Luv

Alpha Mom pencils

Hearts & Arrows Valentine's Day Cards by Ellen Luckett Baker for Photo: Ian MacPherson.

Ellen Luckett Baker created this novel Hearts & Arrows Valentine’s Day Card design for Alphamom. It’s a simple printable card that kids can assemble on their own. We loved the idea so much, we created a bunch of them to send out to our LMNOP family and friends.

Alpha Mom pencils

Photo: Ian MacPherson. Copyright © Ian MacPherson 2010.

Lucky our custom-made LMNOP, blonde wood pencils fit perfectly through the hearts.

Knot & Bow Pencils

Gold engraved wood 'Me & You' pencils by Knot & Bow.

And here’s one for the moms and dads – check out these romantic Me & You pencils by Etsy seller Knot & Bow. What’s not to luv?

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  1. Kate says:

    …….now there’s a pencil I wouldn’t chew!!

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