Polly’s Got Talent

Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket dolls by Mattel. Left to right: Polly & Lea. Photo: Copyright © 2011 Ian MacPherson.

We met Polly and her friend Lea on set today, as they took center stage for an LMNOP feature which will appear in next week’s new issue. The gals agreed to pose for photographer, Ian MacPherson after the shoot, to show off their Pop ‘n Lock™ fashion pieces and accessories. Polly told us, she and her ‘pocket’ friends often trade pieces and styles to create new looks. The girl’s got talent and she’s smart too!

3 Responses to “Polly’s Got Talent”

  1. Olivia says:

    So true !
    Like this one ;-)

  2. ronit says:

    OMG for the first time ever I’m shocked that you choose to highlight this product! We have polly pocket at home – two things that were both given as presents and it is the one toy I despise! it is too small and fiddly for kids to play with! They make me do it and even then its too small for my big fingers and I find it frustrating! I do not recommend this toy to any parent! Oh and lets not forget the tiny pieces that go everywhere and that upset my girls because they go missing all the time with no effort what so ever! So many better toys that this one!

  3. LMNOP says:

    Oh – we love Polly! You could say the same thing about LEGO really. Too small and fiddly, and tiny pieces that go everywhere! Lets get a debate going… who’s for Polly?

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