NinetoNine's Deskhouse. Image courtesy of TulpKids.

When is a desk not a desk? When it’s a cubbyhouse of course. Kids instinctively know how to turn everyday furniture into places where the imagination can run wild. And Alberto Marcos, working with Spanish team NinetoNine, figured out a way to make it even more enjoyable.

Images courtesy of TulpKids.

They created a desk that doubles as a simplified house. The roof can be used for drawing and doodling,
while underneath a whole new world of play becomes possible. Even the solid oak chimney can act as a pot for crayons. All it needs is a Drum Stool and there’s everything you need for an afternoon of adventure and delight.

With such a cleverly thought-out piece, it almost goes without saying that it’s made from eco-friendly, sustainable materials.

To order your Deskhouse, visit TulpKids


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  1. Sundry Mumsy says:

    This is the most awesome thing ever. I will have one, if I have to make it myself!

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