LMNOP loves Mums: Meet Sunitra Martinelli

This busy mum of 3, (soon to be 4!) is our very own Senior Fashion Editor, Sunitra Martinelli. You’ve all admired her styling in the pages of LMNOP Magazine and she’s an invaluable member of our core team – which makes her one of our best-loved mums on the planet. Happy Mother’s Day Sunny!

LMNOP: How many children do you have, and how old are they?
3 children with another very nearly on the way! Lola 13, Max 5, and Tia 17 months.

LMNOP: Name an activity you love to do with your kids?
Craft – where someone else cleans up!

LMNOP: When and where are you happiest?
With the whole family in my bed on a Sunday morning and no plans for the day.

LMNOP: How are you most like your own mother?
My mother is a very hands on woman who’ll have a go at making or mending anything; I’ve always tried to be like her in this sense.

LMNOP: The best piece of advice your mother ever gave you?
My mum’s always been more of a positive action, rather than advice giving woman, so I’ve looked to her for examples rather than verbal advice. Her way of living is incredibly energetic and adaptable. She doesn’t sit around complaining about things; she jumps in and does what’s needed to make things better. So, I guess her unspoken advice to me is “don’t whinge about it, just fix it.”

LMNOP: Name three things your children have taught you.
1. An introduction to how much my parents did for me and my 4 siblings. I know there’s still way more to come – I’m not a grandma yet!
2. Patience. I’m still learning.
3. To accept imperfections. Again – I’m still learning!

LMNOP: Complete this sentence. “I hope my children inherit my….”
… curiosity of how things are made and creativity with what I already own before purchasing more.

Photo credit: Gilles V.

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