Shapes Aplenty

PrestoBingo SHAPES: a shape-finding and counting app for kids. Image courtesy of Spur Design.

It’s official! We’re giving Spur Design’s latest project, PrestoBingo SHAPES the thumbs up. This colourfully inventive and interactive, shape-finding and counting app for kids is a real treat and more challenging than you might expect.

'Square Boy' was the first illustration created for the SHAPE series. Images courtesy of Spur Design.

The creators at Spur Design have included just about every shape you could think of: circles, ovals, squares, semi-circles, trapezoids, triangles, and rectangles. Kids will get to practice numbers 1-20 too.

Vibrant illustrations and animations guide the way, and once you’ve discovered all the shapes in each scene you’re rewarded with a surprise skit, before moving on to the next frame.

This app is best suited to kids ages 2-6, though older members of the family will equally enjoy a turn.

PrestoBingo SHAPES is available at the iTunes App Store.

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