Bibu Cushions

Fita the giraffe. Image: © 2011 Yuly Monsanto.

When dreaming up a concept for her new line of eco-friendly items for kids, Bibu founder (and chief designer) Yuly Monsanto made a start by creating these fabulous images of creatures in their natural habitats.

From the top: Cito the fish; Sita the bee; Kita the ladybug; and Nito the penguin. All images: © 2011 Yuly Monsanto.

Taking her imagination on a round-the-world safari, Yuly conceived a line-up of characters, who later served as inspiration for a debut collection of decorative cushions. She cleverly thought to add a custom designed geometric pattern to the back of each pillow for extra impact, then soon began production.

Today Bibu’s cushions are ethically made in Barcelona and printed digitally using water-based, non-toxic biodegradable inks, on 100% cotton fabric. You’ll find Bibu in selected stores throughout Europe and on Etsy.

Hands up if you think Yuly should add prints to the Bibu range!

Via Babyccino Kids blog

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