5 minutes with Tiny Threads

The humble coffee has galvanised more than a few ingenious mummy brains into creating successful businesses. For Melanie Tsoukas and Marzena D’Odorico, it was the realization that there was a market for fabulous designer kids clothing that didn’t break the bank. Tiny Threads is the result. Marzena spills the beans on how it all started…

Tiny Threads is all about making super cool clothes affordable. Kids don’t care whether they are wearing this season or last. If they love it – they wear it and mum gets to save a few pennies in the meantime.

Our very first day in business was started over a playdate. Our boys are three weeks apart and many coffee gasbags led to the birth of Tiny Threads. Both Mel and I have worked in fashion for as long as I can remember and kids’ fashion was such an exciting discovery once the boys were born.

People know us for our great brand selection, fabulously low prices and fun way of selling our wares.

We find inspiration at markets, store visits, just being out-and-about. I’m that crazy mum at the playground quizzing other mums about what their child is wearing. If we like it – we look at stocking it.

We work best when we are in the same place at the same time! With kids and life on the go, we are often working in our own office spaces and sending ideas and thoughts over email. It’s great when we come together face-to-face.

We listen to such a variety of music. My iPod and Mel’s has so much and so little in common.

Our prized office knick-knack is our hot pink neon sign. It was made for a tradeshow and we cart it here there and everywhere as our signature. I can’t wait till we have a permanent space to hang it. It’s a real work of art.

I’d love to reorganize my bottom drawer. The one that is so miscellaneous I don’t even know where to start?

Ideas flow when your head is clear of the day-to-day. I like doing artwork and ideas in my own space. It’s my time and I love it. My husband thinks I am crazy picky when it comes to my work as I can agonise for hours on the look, sound or feel of something but that’s just how I am.

I can’t live without my computer. There are so many amazingly gifted and talented people out there whose work I might never have seen without the invention of Google… I get lost on there sometimes and forget what I was looking for in the first place.

My all-time favourite kids’ fashion label is Polka. I’ve been collecting bits and pieces for my little girl who is only five months old, so that she can enjoy them when she is older.

Everyday I try to jump onto a few blogs to see what is going on. Even websites like Etsy can be such great inspiration, as long as you can resist the urge to purchase all the time.

Mel and I share a love for modernist houses, quirky Danish styling, art and colour.

We look forward to warm weather and weekends. My hubby’s family has a beach house in Rye that we love to visit. The more beach time the happier we are as a family.

The kids like it when I make… Mmmm. Hard one. I’m not a great cook. Can I replace ‘make’ with ‘buy’? We are a real chocolate household. I blame it on my husband’s genetics. My son is happiest with a chocolate in his hand and I’m sure my daughter will be the same.

Family down time happens when the kids are in bed, the computer is switched off and my hubby and I curl up on the couch or in bed. It’s where we catch up and talk about things other than just the day-to-day.

My quick dinner fix is pasta with garlic, oil, parsley, chilli, Parmesan, capers.

On the weekends you’ll most likely find me out-and-about with the family. We’re not great at hanging around the house. In fact, we all get a bit trapped if we don’t do some sort of activity outside.

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