500 Pencils

text by caroline foreman

Yes that’s right, 500! Brought to you by Social Designer, each pencil has an evocative, artistic, richly-coloured name. Frog Pond, Lemon Drop, Jelly Bean, Sunshine, Miss Muffett, Lime Candy, Treasure Chest, Sea Captain, Silver Sword… they’ll have your child’s imagination and artistic talents soaring.There’s just one thing: you can’t have all the pencils all at once.

Available by subscription only, a parcel of 25 pencils arrives from Japan each month for 20 months. It’s a great lesson in patience! Quirky and clever display cases are also available and make the pencils a work of art in themselves. A wall of colour, a snake, a spiral, a colour wave, flower vases… the sky’s the limit! Lovers of art and design will want to order two sets: one for themselves, and one for the kids.

500 Pencils, Social Designer, US$33 per month. Social Designer

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