Monster Mash

This Monster_iPad app

All images courtesy of A Super Circle Production.

Ex Kate Spade art director and MoMA graphic designer Julianna Goodman’s brand new iPad app, This Monster, disdains the usual slick styling found in kid’s apps. Instead, she’s plumped for a lovingly created and thoughtful app that marries a vivid, handcrafted design with delightful narratives and original music.

This Monster_iPad app

This Monster’s make-your-own mindset lets kids play with colour, shape, story and sound over three different activities. Colour Eater is a rhyming interactive tale where kids “feed” colour-hungry monsters. Monster Pretend! features a jumping jackelope, a musical mermaid and DIY polka dot painting and Monster Get Dressed! asks users to choose your monster and dress him up. Take a pic of the outlandish threads and save it to your photo library.

This Monster_iPad app

The credits are almost as impressive – music and sound by David Lanza, narration by Marty Sidman and illustrations by creator Julianna Goodman and Meghan Eplett.

It’s a great way to entertain your own little monsters. Check out the cute video demo here. It’s available on the App Store

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