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Ever wanted to perfect a paper crane? Just drop into Taro’s Origami Studio in Brooklyn and you’ll have everything you need to become a master of the fold. Run by origami aficionado, Taro Yaguchi, the studio is dedicated to providing a space where creativity is unleashed, one fold at a time.
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We’ll be testing our pom-pom making skills this weekend with these seriously cute Pom-pom pets by
Mr Printables.
There’s a great tutorial here on how to construct a cardboard pom-pom maker, but we prefer using the Clover kind which are easier for kids to handle.
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See what’s inspiring our Pinterest followers this week:
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Organise: Here’s one way to keep the playroom mess at bay
Craft ideas: Homemade watercolours
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Melbourne-based paper artist and designer Marsha Golemac has been doing her bit to make rosettes fashionable again. Her recent paper rosette workshops at The School in Sydney have been a pack out – crafters flocking to Golemac’s “Make & Create Crafternoon” to learn how to assemble perfectly folded medallions for pleasure.
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