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Australian illustrator and cartoonist Andrew Joyner’s latest book with author Peter Friend has that ring of familiarity: a helpful little boy breezily cutting a path of destruction through his horrified aunt’s home. What’s the Matter Aunty May? is a hugely enjoyable romp for young and old alike, packed with deliciously funny illustrations in the tradition [Read More]

Let’s face it – when it comes to designing kids’ spaces, we tend to feel that mother knows best. In this eye-catching new book, celebrity stylist Megan Morton, together with photographer Jason Busch and designer Penny Shek, showcases unique kids’ spaces and, crucially, gives their occupants a voice in the process.

Each room includes a blurb [Read More]

Today we’re celebrating the life and work of one of the greatest American graphic designers of all time,
Saul Bass (1920-1996). His memorable designs for film title sequences, corporate logos, record albums
and film posters defined an era, and his legacy is still evident in the work of contemporary designers and illustrators today.

In 1962 Bass collaborated [Read More]

Melbourne-based paper artist and designer Marsha Golemac has been doing her bit to make rosettes fashionable again. Her recent paper rosette workshops at The School in Sydney have been a pack out – crafters flocking to Golemac’s “Make & Create Crafternoon” to learn how to assemble perfectly folded medallions for pleasure.
Marsha’s not the only celebrity crafter currently [Read More]

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