LMNOP and Make

Ever wanted to perfect a paper crane? Just drop into Taro’s Origami Studio in Brooklyn and you’ll have everything you need to become a master of the fold. Run by origami aficionado, Taro Yaguchi, the studio is dedicated to providing a space where creativity is unleashed, one fold at a time.
For just $10, you can [Read More]

We’ll be testing our pom-pom making skills this weekend with these seriously cute Pom-pom pets by
Mr Printables.
There’s a great tutorial here on how to construct a cardboard pom-pom maker, but we prefer using the Clover kind which are easier for kids to handle.
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You’ve got just enough time before summer arrives, to whip up a few pairs of these delightful crochet baby sandals from Mon Petit Violon.
Fashioned from soft yarn and just like the real deal, you’ll want to make every style. Etsy seller and designer, Vita has made it simple: once your payment is received her easy-to-follow patterns [Read More]

Send a friend some surprise mail for no reason at all, other than to have them go wild over these very cute Origami Notes from Lollipop.
You don’t need to be an Origami Master to assemble these candy coloured notelets. Just scribe your message on the back, before folding into an origami heart to create your [Read More]

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