LMNOP and My Photos

Well, not long now folks. Issue 6 of LMNOP is on it’s way! Here’s a look at a place we visited today to find some great props for a photo shoot we’re producing for the up-coming issue. Doug up on Bourke is one of the largest sources of antiques and collectables in Sydney. They have [Read More]

Best wishes for a happy, safe holiday and a wonderful new year. Hope Santa stops by your place tonight …
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I’ve been posting a lot recently about cookies and gingerbread! But I couldn’t resist sharing this find with you. It’s a DIY flat-pack gingerbread house kit. Bake the pieces for 5-7 minutes, let cool, then assemble with royal icing and decorate with candies. It’s a great holiday activity to do with your kids. We’ve been [Read More]

We started our holiday baking today! I always bake plenty of sugar cookies this time of year. They get packaged up and given out to friends and family as gifts. My son loves to decorate them with me and was even able to pipe his own icing this year which was fun. Martha Stewart has [Read More]

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